Full coverage in Europe with 24plus

24plus' network for the distribution and procurement of LCL goods provides Europe-wide coverage. The European network is multiplex.

System partners

In European countries and regions with a high exchange of LCL goods 24plus has integrated system partners. These work in accordance with quality directives similar to those followed by the German system partners.

European system partners are connected to the 24plus net via daily transports to the central hub in Hauneck. In addition, many European partners serve regional hubs or have direct links to 24plus partners in Germany. The European partners take care of hub functions in their own countries respectively.

Gate links in Europe

Further European and Middle-Eastern countries have been made accessible via gate links of the 24plus system partners.

Value added services in Europe

With the product Speedtime Europe24plus offers an additional premium time service.

Your local 24plus partner will be pleased to inform you about departures and schedules.


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