24plus hub logistics

Every night the 24plus central hub is approached by an 800-tonne LCL wave, spread out over 4,500 packages. These have to be handled in the short window between 10:00 PM and 02:00 AM. Some 80 employees of the 24plus Hub-Logistics GmbH & Co. KG. assure the smooth nightly handling in the central hub.

24plus hub logistics

Well-coordinated work processes in the hub

Decisions have to be made permanently and information has to flow unobstructedly during the hub operation. Therefore, the processes in the central hub are highly permeated by IT. The corresponding tool is the Hub Control Center (HCC), an in-house development of 24plus.

Das Hub Control Center im Zentralhub.

With the HCC, hub dispatch assigns unloading gates to the arriving LCL traffics and monitors per video system what is going on in and around the hub. The work processes are well-coordinated in the hall as well: unloading, scanning, mounting the lift truck onto the right lift truck chain, pulling out the lift truck at the right loading gate, a quick interim parking, a second scanning, careful loading, securing the load. That is how quality is created.

Employee qualification

The qualification of employees in the hub is given great significance. In this regard, 24plus hub logistics follows a unique path: Training is not administered top-down. Rather, the employees form study groups when the need arises. New colleagues are thoroughly instructed. They are familiarized with their own tasks and, beyond that, gain insight into the work of their colleagues. Thereby, every employee understands the process chain – an important pillar of quality work. In the hub, 24plus does not employ temporary workers.

Long-time employees

Shift work aside: The atmosphere within the 24plus hub logistics team is good. So good, in fact, that eleven veteran colleagues, who were present for the first shift on January 2nd 2000 (that is more than twelve years ago!) are still on board today. Even though most employees have been around for a long time, vacancies open up in the central hub now and again.

To repeat: 24plus logistics only employees their own personnel and no temporary workers in the central hub.

Elf Mitarbeiter sind seit dem Start im Jahr 2000 dabei

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