24plusPunkte. Our customer's and staff member's magazine

What are our 24plus partners doing? What are our colleagues up to? Who has just joined, who is building a new facility, who has just hauled in a great project? And what about the new 24plus products? 24plusPunkte has been supplying the answers to all those questions since 1998. Issues appear three to four times a year in German and English and are a handy information package for the employees of the 24plus partners. The magazine is not only meant for internal consumption. It even contains interesting and useful information for our partners’ customers.

Issue 1/2019
Portraits: Bayer u. Sohn (Trier), Paul Weidlich (Lübeck)
Special: new scanner solution

Issue 2/2018
Portrait: Spedition Hövelmann (Rees)
Special: truck toll 2019 in Germany
Series: employee in the repair shop

Issue 1/2018
Portrait: LGI (Reutlingen near Stuttgart), Ferdinand Heinrich (Hamburg)
Special: toll extension in Germany
Series: skilled warehouse operator, warehouse logistics expert

Issue 3/2017
Portrait: Ritter Logistik (Langenhagen near Hanover), 24plus hub logistics (Hauneck)
Special: technology report - process optimisation in LCL business
Series: carriers and professions in logistics - dual courses of study

Issue 2/2017
Portrait: Ziegler (Welkenraedt, Belgium), Emons Allgäu (Kempten)
Special: transport logistic 2017 (follow-up)
Series: carriers and professions in logistics - management assistant for dialogue marketing

Issue 1/2017
Portrait: Geis Transport und Logistik (Nuremberg), Lagermax Group (Salzburg, Austria)
Special: transport logistic 2017
Series: carriers and professions in logistics - information logistics expert

Issue 3/2016
Portrait: ALPI (Dänemark), karldischinger (Ehrenkirchen)
Special: Europatag 2016
Series: carriers and professions in logistics - short distance transport dispatch

Issue 2/2016
Portraits: KN (Stadtallendorf), hermann weber (Göttingen)
Series: carriers and professions in logistics - professional driver

Issue 1/2016
Portrait: Wwe. Theodor Hövelmann (Rees)
Specials: Partner's construction plans, Carbon Footprint, Academy

Issue 3/2015
Portraits: Nellen & Quack The Green Line (Gronau), Wolf (Straubing)
Specials: Job trainings, HR development

Issue 2/2015
Portraits: LSL Lohmöller (Rheine), Eischeid (Heiligenhaus)
Specials: 24plus Fever Pitch, transport logistic 2015

Issue 1/2015
Portraits: ROHLIG SUUS (Poland), Schröder + Schierenberg (Porta Westfalica)
Specials: 24plus advice and B2C, Product overview, intermediate results of the project "cooperation of cooperations"

Issue 3/2014
Portraits: KLG Europe (Romania), Ziegler (Eschweiler)
Specials: 24plus and ONLINE agree on strategic collaboration, Trainees 2014, Azubi Exchang(c)e, CO2 calculator

Issue 2/2014
Portrait: Michael Wolf oHG (Straubing)
Specials: Europe Day 2014, new partner Nellen & Quack - THE GREEN LINE, procurement logistics with 24plus Prolog, German truck toll system in transition

Issue 1/2014
Portrait: ALPI Danmark (Herning)
Specials: Quality management, logistics business simulation at partner Oetjen, Interview with Hans-Jörg Hager (formerly CEO of Schenker Deutschland AG) about weak yields in overland transport, container management, Speedtime International nextDay

Issue 4/2013
Portraits: Ritter Logistik (Magdeburg), Spedition Lode (Waldkraiburg)
Specials: IT-Day 2013, Interview with Frank Huster, managing director of the German Forwarding and Logistics Association, seamless transition after three branch offices of Logwin Solutions Deutschland were organised at 24plus were sold in the middle of 2013, Mainz replaces Großgerau at Gefco

Issue 3/2013
Portraits: Ascherl & Co. (Hamburg), Ziegler (Schweiz) AG (Basel)
Specials: transport logistic 2013, logistical state of emergency during the flood in June 2013, from Dischinger follows karldischinger, more than procurement at Reutlinger Speditions GmbH, Interview with the Olaf Bienek and Kees Kuijken, members of the supervisory board

Issue 2/2013
Portraits: KLG Europe (The Netherlands), Gustke Logistik (Rostock)
Specials: Carbon Footprint, new domestic partner Kühne + Nagel Eching, new international partner Loxx for Russia, CIS and Central Asia, Centennial Anniversary Schröder Spedition

Issue 1/2013
Portraits: Transuniverse (Belgium), Raben (Heilbronn)
Specials: 24plus Academy, new Danish partner ALPI, IT Agenda 2013, Ritter brings volumes to the net

Issue 4/2012
Portraits: Spedition Kentner (Heidenheim), Sander Spedition (Itzehoe)
Specials: 24plus Academy, Central and Eastern Europe, trainees

Issue 3/2012
Portraits: Kunzendorf Group (Berlin, Frankfurt, Ludwigsburg, Schkeuditz, Attendorn), Spedition Kleine (Grevenbroich)
Specials: Hazardous Goods, Green Logistics, New partners Emons (Urmitz), Kühne+Nagel (Lichtenfels)

Issue 2/2012
Portraits: Hugger (Aldingen), Bayer u. Sohn (Trier)
Specials: 24plus Academy, Best quality awards, Europe day

Issue 1/2012
Portraits: BKV (Karlsruhe), Oetjen (Rotenburg an der Wümme)
Specials: Europe Special, Container Management

Issue 4/2011
Portraits: Lagermax (Salzburg), Hermann Weber (Göttingen)
Specials: Central Hub, Eucolog

Issue 3/2011
Portraits: Spedition Eischeid (Heiligenhaus), VS Logistics (Würzburg)
Specials: Review of the transport logistic 2011, Russia transports via 24plus partner Econ

Issue 1/2011
Portraits: Robert Müller (Saarlouis, Leipzig, Dresden, Hamburg), Hunecke Logistik (Hauneck)
Specials: Forwarding data security, seacargo

Issue 4/2010
Portraits: Gustke Logistik (Rostock), Kühne + Nagel (Stadtallendorf)
Specials: 50 issues of 24plusPunkte, produkt strategy, new partner Wincanton (Heilbronn)

Issue 3/2010
Portraits: Wedig Internationale Spedition (Frankenthal), Ziegler (Eschweiler)
Specials: Controlling critical supply chains, IT partner Kratzer Automation

Issue 2/2010
Portraits: Spedition Konz (Berlin), Logwin Solutions (Kempten)
Special: 24plus fever pich: The biggest party in LCL business

Issue 1/2010
Portraits: Ritter Logistik (Hannover, Magdeburg), Ascherl (Hilden)
Specials: Public relations in LCL business

Issue 4/2009
Portraits: Kentner Spedition (Heidenheim), Gefco (France)
Specials: IT partner Euro-Log

Issue 3/2009
Portrait: Spedition König (Frankfurt)
Specials: transport logistic 2009, compliance

Issue 2/2009
Portrait: Spedition Wwe. Theodor Hövelmann (Rees)
Specials: Ecu-Line (new partner seacargo), 24plus’ European network

Issue 1/2009
Portraits: Logwin (Nürnberg), Sander Spedition (Itzehoe)
Special: Managing the central hub

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