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What are the prospects for the longliner in LCL transportation?


The longliner field test lasted five years. As of January 1, 2017, the vehicles with a length of up to 25,25 metres are allowed to permanently traverse the 11,600 kilometres of the authorised network. Many freight forwarders also want to use longliners on the main legs of their LCL transports. So why is the longliner not an established vehicle yet? We juxtapose the pros and cons in 24plusPunkte, Issue 02/2017 on page 3.


transport logistic 2017

When the doors of the transport logistic 2017 closed after four days on May 12, 2017, the organisers announced record numbers: The nine halls were fully booked and 115,000 square metres of exhibition area were covered. 2,162 exhibitors from 62 countries presented themselves at the trade fair. This is an increase of 5,4 per cent in comparison to the transport logistic 2015. The number of visitors increased even more: Almost 61,000 convention guests from 123 countries learned about logistical innovations in Munich, an increase of 9,5 per cent. Never before was the world’s leading logistics exhibition so well attended, never before so international. A good mood among the exhibitioners also stemmed from the quality of the visitors: Many trade fair guests from industry and commerce not only wanted to obtain noncommittal information, but brought concrete project plans with them. What’s more: Even the weather cooperated this year! The number 1 conversational topic and leitmotif of the convention was the digital revolution in logistics. This was unsurprising: The interconnection of all transport processes and all companies that are part of the value chain is ever progressing, while the innovative force of the logistics companies is increasing thanks to the digitalisation.

Read more in 24plusPunkte, Issue 02/2017 on page 7 - 10.


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